Thermometer Details

Our  THERMOMETERS are designed as decorative elements to add to your beach style and bring the beach atmosphere you love to any room in the house.  Buy several, and smile every time you check the tide.

These thermometers are intended for indoor use, but they can be used outdoors if they are protected from the weather and not exposed to direct sunlight.

You can choose from 2 available SIZES: 10” and the larger 12”.

The available options for SIZE & COLOR are listed on the information page of each thermometer. To change these options, please select your preferences from the drop-down boxes BEFORE adding this item to shopping cart. If no selections are made for Color and Style options, then the default color and style shown will be automatically selected.

For instructions on calibrating your BeachClocks Thermometer go to SET THERMOMETER.

We are proud to say that our BeachClocks are Assembled in the U.S.A.