Setting BeachClocks Thermometers

The best way to calibrate your BeachClocks Thermometer is to consult another reliable thermometer to obtain the correct current local tempertature as a reference point.

Then to adjust the indicator hand on your BeachClocks Thermometer to the correct temperature simply rotate the grey movement back cover to adjust the indicator hand.

If you cannot see both the dial and the indicator hand while rotating the back cover, you can use the Fahrenheit degree markings on the outer edge of the cover for setting the correct temperature.

To use this method, determine how many degrees difference there is between where your indicator hand is pointing on the dial and the actual temperature reading on the reference thermometer.  Then rotate the back grey cover the appropriate number of marks (each mark represents 2 degrees Fahrenheit) past the small arrow to move the indicator hand to the correct temperature reading.

NOTE - to preserve the photograph image on the thermometer dial, keep the unit out of direct sunlight and protect from the weather.