Custom Image Requirements

To use your photo in a Custom BeachClock it must be of sufficient resolution to produce an acceptable dial print.  Most modern cameras and some camera phones produce photo files with sufficient resolution for a Custom BeachClock.

However, if your photo has been optimized for viewing on a computer monitor or sent to a file sharing site, it is likely to be too low resolution for use as a Custom BeachClock.

One rule of thumb is the size of the file.  If it is 2 - 5 MB (megabytes) or larger in file size, it is likely to be at an acceptable resolution.  If it is in the 50 - 1000 KB (kilobyte) size it is NOT likely to be at a high enough resolution.

Low resolution photos produce jagged lines or “rastors” when printed at the size required for a BeachClock.

If you have improved your photo using any photo software, the resulting image should be at least 300 dpi at an 8.5” print size.

Remember, you must own the rights to any photo you send us in order for it to be used in a Custom BeachClock.

If you have any questions please Contact Us.