About BeachClocks

Our BeachClocks Art are original photographs taken by our photographers and presented as casual wall clock decorative pieces.

● All of our beach themed clocks have battery operated quartz movements that are accurate to 2 minutes a year.  The time clocks come with hour, minute and second hands as well as a built in hanger for mounting.

● All of our Beach Clocks, Tide Clocks, Lighthouse Clocks and Thermometers are hand-crafted and made to order. You will have a choice of Photo Art, Clock Size, Clock Color and Dial Style when you place your order.

● The photographic artwork in our BeachClocks is also available in Tide Clock  and Thermometer wall designs.

● BeachClocks are available in 4 MODELS.  The Standard 10" model is available in Black or White.  The Deluxe 10” models are available in Black or White.  The Contemporary 10” Model is Brushed Aluminum.  The 12” wood models have finished surfaces.  Click HERE to compare the features.

● We are proud that our BeachClocks are Designed, Printed and Assembled in the USA.

Beach Clock

Our BeachClocks come in a variety of case styles and sizes:

( * Add $5 each to configure as a Thermometer. )
( * Add $10 each to configure as a TIDE Clock. )

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